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Friday, June 25, 2010


Although my experience is not far-ranging, I have sampled ants, larvae, mealworms, small moths, and random flying insects that have been unfortunate enough to find themselves in my drink. This year I hope to expand my palatal horizon by trying maggots and grasshoppers. I don't personally have a psychological aversion to eating bugs, and it seems like an act that any person truly interested in survival should acquaint himself with. In a real survival scenario, do you really want to add the incipient experience of bug-tasting to your list of struggles? The person already accustomed to this six-legged savory experience will be eager for a meal, without the unnecessary hesitation or anxiety.

What follows is a collection of links on finding, preparing, and consuming bugs. Enjoy!

Entomophagy - Wikipedia

Eating Bugs by Ron Hood

Eating Bugs for Survival

Eating Bugs! By Aletheia Price

Insects as Food?!? by Stephanie Bailey

Eating Bugs by Bryan Walsh

Iowa State University's Tasty Insect Recipes

For Most People, Eating Bugs is Only Natural

Eating Insects Kept Injured Climber Alive on Mountain


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